Wednesday, July 28, 2021

How i reduced my blood pressure by 40 points in 12 days

Hi , We are all trying to know how to reduce blood pressure in 7 days,how to reduce blood pressure in 10 days or how to reduce blood pressure in 15 days. Well this is my live story. Am 47 ,male,160 pounts of 80 kilos . Due to covid ,i had started drinking alcohol 4 times a week,i drink coffee with sugar 2-3 cups and took apple cider vinegar,but i also usedto do powerlifting and eat veggies juice. But one day my heart was pouding and i rushted to the doctor and found y blood pressure was 172 /93, She said you are hypertensice and gave me a tablet and asked to consult a physician,which i did. MEanwhile,i immediatelys stopped alcohol,coffee, for 12 days ,i did not take the medicine during the period, my reading after 7 days came to 135 90,a drop of 37 points,i added cocunut water 2 a day during the 15 days,l-arginine and whey before workout,i lift heavy weights including squats and bench. . After few more days i went to a doctor and bp came at 135 95,now doc told take medicine,as diastolic is high above 90. So i left the place and for the last 2 days of the 15 days trial,i stopped salt completely. I ate 5 chappati with carrot,cucmber,tomato,garlic ,chilli,onion with pepper and turmeric ,with lemon morning and evening for 2 days. Lots of salads though, But i had my tea with sugar in the morning as normal. on 16 days blood pressure reading was taken and it came to an unbeleveiable 120 70 ,yes from 173 /93. The biggest achievement was not drop in systolic but in diastolic too. so i hope you all cand follow this blog and find some tips usefull for your health. But consult doctor before going on any diet.

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